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the Titan 888 mattress.

active recovery

The softest and most environmentally friendly foam for bedding. . .

so soft you will think you’re floating on air


High density VPF support foam layer for those who prefer a distinctively firmer comfort level.


Sleep your best, choose from 5 feels to suit your body type, lifelong comfort and support for ever body and everybody.


Heavy duty VPF insulator foam provides exceptional thermal and anti-bacterial properties for a healthier sleep.


Triple tempered steel, multi-zoned pocket spring system, foundational support with foam boxed surround.

helix edge.

High level absorbtion layer, think of shock absorbers in your car, more comfort, less partner disturbance.


Heavy duty VPF insulator foam provides exceptional thermal and anti-bacterial properties for a healthier sleep.


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Why pay retail?

when you can buy premium Australian Made

factory direct to your home.


sleep now, pay later.


The Performance range is designed for physically active athletes who require the best sleep to enable optimal recovery. The defining features include VPF foam comfort layers which are Certified by GECA, OEKO-TEX. Infused with CompriShield, and combined with open cell technology for maximum breathability. This fusion creates a supportive, and comfortable antibacterial layer that enhances the performance of our Australian steel springs. The triple tempered springs are strategically positioned within our multi zoned pocket support system, creating the ultimate recovery mattress for active bodies.

Years of research and development with health professionals and combined with 35 years of  mattress engineering, our partnering manufacturer Serenity Bedding is world class when it comes to sleep solutions. 


Only the best Australian components are used to create the ideal responsive support for the best skeletal alignment and ultimate organic health. Restore your body with superior pressure relief and heat dissipation.

The Performance range features the Helix multi-zone triple tempered Australian steel spring systems including standard and nested, 100% Australian made with VPF foams and an amazing Hygroflex comfort layer.

The result is minimal partner disturbance ensuring everyone sleeps soundly.

Have the peace of mind knowing that only the best Australian materials available are used in the production of the Regal mattress range.

Available in ultra plush, plush, medium, firm, super firm & super firm. You can also choose half and half, my side your side configurations, for example plush one side and firm on the other. We have a mattress to suit Every Body!

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