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our story

Decades ago, Regal Sleep was born out of a simple but powerful philosophy: to create a business established on honesty, reliability, and care. What started as a humble family venture has now grown into a thriving enterprise, proudly supplying quality sleep products to people all across Australia. Our journey into the mattress and bedding business has been a remarkable one, defined by learning and growth, but above all, a commitment to delivering the best customer experience through unwavering honesty and genuine value.

The heart of Regal Sleep beats with the unity of diverse individuals who call it their home. From our visionary founder to the newest team member, we embrace the spirit of continuous improvement and have cultivated a fun and exciting environment to work in. We believe that everyone has a crucial role to play, and that improving people's lives through quality sleep should be a joyful endeavor.

At the core of our enterprise are our scientifically engineered mattresses, which serve as the cornerstone of our business. These mattresses have garnered the endorsement and recommendation of thousands of health professionals, a testament to the innovation and dedication that goes into creating them.

In a strategic partnership with Serenity Bedding, we have forged a path toward an exciting and unique mattress range that stands at the forefront of advanced technologies and individualized design. Our goal is simple: to provide a mattress for every body, ensuring that each customer experiences a restful sleep tailored to their unique needs.


One of our proudest achievements is becoming the first Australian manufacturer to deliver premium luxury mattresses in a box. This innovation has not only simplified the mattress-buying process but also made it more convenient for our customers.


We have consistently adhered to our promise to use only the finest premium materials, all sourced from within Australia. This commitment to sourcing and manufacturing locally ensures that our mattresses are of the highest quality and that we contribute positively to the local economy.

At Regal Sleep, we are not just a business but a family of passionate individuals who are united by a shared vision: to enhance the quality of sleep for every Australian. With honesty, reliability, and care at the core of our values, we continue to thrive, grow, and evolve in the pursuit of our mission. Each day brings new opportunities to touch people's lives positively, and we embrace this journey with open hearts and a resolute commitment to the art of a good night's sleep.

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