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Premium Comfort Foams

VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) Foam

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We take active measures to be responsible for our community. As part of our commitment to responsible and sustainable practices, we have partnered with leading supplier of quality foams in Australia, Joyce Foams. All foams in our mattresses are produced using VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) technology the most environmentally friendly foam-making method in the world.


VPF technology captures 100% of emissions from the process of foam production and filters them through a charcoal system. This technique virtually eliminates the release of any byproducts into the atmosphere.

The most environmentally friendly foam-making process in the world.

Open cell technology

Next level VPF technology

Using automation technology to develop lighter, more open-cell foams. The open cell formation creates a softer and more responsive solution that will also keep you cooler throughout the night. 

Open cell foams are the latest innovation that provides a responsive support that will keep you cooler throughout the night.

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World leading foam technology.

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RMIT University conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of Joyce’s Hygroflex foam as a pressure redistribution material compared to traditional memory foams. The results find that using Hygroflex result in a higher level of comfort and a lower risk of developing pressure points. 

Key Benefits: 

Hygroflex can redistribute pressure more effectively than traditional memory foams.
Hygroflex can diffuse body heat more rapidly than traditional memory foams.
Moving on Hygroflex requires less force and generates less friction.

Hygroflex molds to your body whilst ensuring consistent airflow, reacting to your movement to ensure optimal skeletal health..

Infused Liquid Gel Memory Foam

Open cell VPF reactive cooling layer.

Gel memory foam creates a cooling sensation that helps you fall asleep faster. Infusing gels is not the only way to create a more cooling mattress. Standard cooling Gel foams are made up of small bubbles that begin to retain heat after the initial cooling effect. Infused liquid gel dissipates heat continously, for a cooler sleep all night long.

The gentle cooling technology that immerses you in a rejuvenating sleep.

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Comprishield by

Environmentally responsible toward health & wellbeing.


All Joyce comfort foams are infused with CompriShield during the manufacturing process.

CompriShield is a sustainable, bio-based microbial control solution that’s derived from coconut oil. It provides efficient protection against dust mites, mould, odour, and mildew. 

When it reaches the end of its life-cycle, the components of CompriShield break down into oxygen, nitrogen, and sand. This allows for a safe and easy way for the solution to be recycled back into the environment.

Environmentally responsible toward health & wellbeing.

Sustainable & Responsible

Good Environmental Choice Australia.

Global GreenTag is a respected certification system, evaluating products and materials for sustainability and environmental performance. It assists consumers, architects, builders, and designers in making informed, eco-friendly choices. Their mission is to promote responsible and sustainable practices.

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All foams are Global Greentag Certified as part of our sustainable and responsible practices.

Naturally healthier sleep

Oeko-Tex Certification

Our entire foam and fabrics range are certified by OEKO-TEX® institutes to ensure that no harmful substances go inside our mattresses. 
In the test, they consider numerous regulated and non-regulated substances that may be harmful to human health. In many cases, the limit values for the STANDARD 100 go beyond national and international requirements.            
Oeko-Tex tests for harmful chemical substances in products using international standards.
Certifies foams and fabrics as safe for direct skin contact.

Rest assured you are buying the healthiest product on the market.

Australian Steel Springs 

Triple tempered for life-long durability.


The steel for our springs is provided by BHP Australia, and made right here at home. The triple tempered steel creates more durable and stronger springs, which offer optimal skeletal alignment and support.


Created with Australian BHP steel, our mattress' pocket springs are triple tempered to offer optimal skeletal alignment and support.

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Australian made fabrics 

Bekeart Deslee World leading quality since 1892.


BekaertDeslee is the world’s leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of mattress textiles, mattress covers and on trend sleep solutions with Australian headquarters in Melbourne.

Leaders in fabric technologies toward superior health & wellbeing.

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