mattress size guide.

size does matter


 long single mattress.

same width as a single but longer.

fun fact, two long singles are the same size as a king mattress

single mattress.

ideal from smaller rooms and single sleeper, children


 king single mattress.

wider and longer than a single, great for taller single sleepers with a smaller space

double mattress.

wider than a king single, but shorter, great for couples with limited space and becoming more popular as children's bed if the have a decent size room.


queen mattress.

wider and longer than a double, traditional couples mattress

The perfect fit for couples who like to cuddle and enjoy intimacy. Suits most main bedrooms


king mattress.

wider than a queen, great for couples who want their own space, great for growing families if there are young children who sneak into your bed


super king mattress.

our biggest mattress for those who want a grand bed.