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  • Where are regal mattresses made?
    We operate from a custom-built manufacturing facility located in Melbourne, Australia. We take pride in contributing to the local economy and prioritize investing in the future of our youth. Additionally, we exclusively utilize components that are both made and sourced within Australia.
  • Does my mattress come in a box?
    Yes. Our mattresses are delivered in a compact, rolled, and boxed format for a specific purpose. This approach helps to properly settle both the comfort layer and the pocket springs, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience. Moreover, this method enables us to securely deliver our products nationwide. It's important to note that our boxed mattresses are not your typical "mattress in a box"; they offer the same level of luxury and quality you'd find in any traditional mattress store.
  • How does the 120 night trial work?
    The 120-Night Trial begins on the date the order is delivered. Customers are entitled to one comfort changeover or can return their mattress, in good condition, after their 30th night and before their 121st night. Regal mattress will cover all delivery costs and issue a full refund within two business days of pickup confirmation. Each household, as defined by name, address, payment method, or other identifying information, is entitled to one 120-Night Trial. If multiple mattresses are purchased on one transaction, then each mattress within that transaction has an independent trial. Returning customers will be granted an additional 120-Night Trial on a new Regal mattress purchase provided they have completed their original 120-Night Trial without initiating a return. Regal reserves the right to deny a 120-Night Trial to a customer where a mattress from a prior transaction has been returned. Mattresses returned under the 120-Night Trial must be in good condition. Regal will not accept a return if: the products are found to have been tampered with or misused by the purchaser beyond reasonable wear; have been physically damaged intentionally or unintentionally by, but not limited to, burns, cuts, tears, water, stains, or bodily fluids; are otherwise abnormally soiled or unsanitary. Using a protector during your 120-Night Trial and beyond is essential, as it will help prevent damage to your Regal mattress. Remember your warranty also depends on the use of a mattress protector. The 120 night trial is only relevant to mattresses purchased online, not in-store unless otherwise advised in the stores you purchased from written terms & conditions.
  • Can I return my mattress during the 120 night trial period?
    Yes you can. Once we receive your return request, we will help you gather the necessary information (including images of your mattress) and provide you with instructions about how to prepare your products for return. You will need the original plastic wrap (or any other protective covering) to prepare it for pick-up. While in most cases we strive to have your mattress picked up within two business days after the required information has been received, it can sometimes take up to ten business days. Additional pickup charges may apply if the mattress has been moved from the original delivery destination, or if the original delivery destination is in a remote location. Please contact us for more information. On pickup day, the mattress must be ready on the ground floor of your house or apartment building.
  • How long does delivery take?
    We are fast, depending on where you live in Australia, generally we deliver within a week. Let us know when you need your mattress and we will do our best to accommodate you based on your needs. Please remember when ordering your new regal mattress that we make to order, we'll give you a call once your order is placed to discuss delivery timeframes, usually this takes 2-5 days from order to delivery to your home.
  • Do you offer buy now, pay later options available for my new mattress?
    YES! Regal Sleep has both options from Afterpay and Paypal, see details in the checkout area or visit this link to find out more. Sleep Now, Pay Later
  • What are the standard sizes of mattresses?
    Mattresses come in seven standard sizes. Single - 91 x 188 cm Long Single – 92 x 203 cm King Single - 107 x 203 cm Double - 138 x 188 cm Queen - 153 x 203 cm King - 183 x 203 cm Super King - 203 x 203cm
  • I'm not sure about which mattress I should buy, can someone help me?
    For sure, we'd love to have a chat with you about our range and the mattress that would best suit you, feel free to jump onto live chat, email us or call on 03 7036 4153. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Can I purchase over the phone?
    Absolutely, we'd be happy to assist you, simply call us on 03 7036 4153 for a secure payment to be processed, we will arrange your delivery day whilst the payment is being finalised.
  • Will my mattress fit?
    You're just about to order or you've already ordered your new Regal mattress, or bed base and you suddenly think WILL IT FIT? No problem! Check the guide below so you can be sure your new mattress or bed base will fit into your room. If you are up-sizing it's helpful to consider how the new mattress or bed base will work in the room: do you have enough floor space to move around, will your wardrobe doors be able to open etc. To make it more visual, lay masking tape or newspaper on the floor to outline the size of the bed to see you have the perfect fit. If you feel unsure, just give our sleep experts a call 03 7036 4153 or email them Also you can get in contact via Live Chat. We are here to help. Measuring: 1. Doorways Measure from the inside of your door frame. Be careful to note how wide your doors can open and accommodate for door knobs. 2. Staircase Measure the width of your stairway (taking into account any handrails or bannisters) and the height from the top and bottom steps to the ceiling. Be sure to look out for any sloped or curved surfaces. If your stairwell has a landing, make sure your mattress or bed base will fit on and around it, both width and height. 3. Obstacles Think about low-hanging light fixtures or fans, breakable decorations, artwork that cannot be removed, stairway banisters or turns, angled ceilings or walls. Have a completely clear path for your mattress or bed base: it's helpful to make more space than you think you'll need. 4. Hallways Check your hallway has enough space to easily access the room your new piece needs to go. Especially if you anticipate any twists or turns along the way. Measure the height, width and depth. 5. Is the area clear? Plan your route and have it cleared out. Make sure you know how to get your mattress or bed base to its final location. Planning ahead can save a lot of time and hassle when your delivery arrives. Remember the quickest route is not always the easiest. 6. Outside Don't forget about the area outside your home, where the delivery team will enter your property. If you are still not sure, give our Sleep Experts a call, they are here to help.
  • How does the warranty work?
    Regal Sleep is part of, and warrantied by, Serenity Bedding Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s most trusted mattress companies. To find out more visit our warranty info page here. Warranty
  • Do you take away my old mattress?
    Unfortunately we don't offer this service ourselves due to using third party carriers. There are many wonderful organizations that do offer this service for free or a small fee. In may areas your local council will also collect them in hard rubbish pick-ups. We do recommend Soft Landing for those customers in areas they cover throughout Australia. Soft Landing offers a recycling service for mattresses and mattress bases. To book a collection please follow the following steps. Visit Select 'Book Online' Select your location. Read and accept the terms and conditions. Fill in your details and select an available date for collection and confirm your booking. Place your old mattress outside the night prior to your collection date. Soft landing will collect your old mattress and begin the recycling process.
  • How do I care for my mattress?
    By taking a few extra measures your Regal mattress will provide you with a quality night's sleep for years to come. Rotating your mattress will extend it’s life, do this once a week for the first few months and every month after Use the handles for positioning rather than lifting, these handles are not designed to support the weight of the mattress Air your mattress periodically indoors, we recommend this when changing your linen
  • What is the best type of base for my new mattress?
    Pocket spring, hybrid and all-foam mattresses need the right base to function properly for years to come. Using an incorrect base may make your mattress feel uncomfortable and not perform in the way it is engineered, as it contradicts the zoning support system. Pocket Spring Mattresses need to be housed on flat solid bases or sturdy bases with solid wooden slats to perform at their best and prolong their life. Placing them on the floor will not provide accurate ventilation and may result in mould forming. The slats on the base supporting the mattress should not be no more than 7cm apart. We recommend a footed centre support rail for all slat bases supporting double mattress sizes and above. Flexible Slats or ‘Posture Slats’ are not recommended for pocket spring, hybrid or all foam mattresses and will void the warranty, as will sprung ensemble bases. Not adhering to these important requirements will void your warranty. Is my base suitable? Do you have any pictures of the slats? Pocket spring, hybrid and all-foam mattresses are designed to work on any firm flat ventilated surface.
  • I bought my Regal mattress from a friend, can I do a warranty claim?
    Sorry the warranty is not transferable and only extends to the original purchaser.


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